I guess karma comes back around

Posted: martie 8, 2011 in D'ale mele

This is a lesson learnt. Cand te bucuri ca toate planetele, universurile, cometele, toti satelitii.. bla bla s-au aliniat, te trezesti inghitit de o gaura neagra si incepi sa orbecai incercand sa te autosalvezi.

I guess I cannot express in words how much I hate forgetting about her b-day. She must be f*cking hating me, right now. I know I would.

I cannot go back in time to say the right words at the right time. I cannot stop thinking about the mistakes I did, when you were here. I wish I could see your smile one more time. I wish you were there in the morning, when I wake up and kiss me good-bye. I wish I remember your scent and I wish I would stop chasing people on street when I think I found somebody looking just like you.

Some people say that you’re keeping an eye on me. I really hope they’re right and you can tell how much I’m hurting.

This one is for you.. like every year :)


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