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Posted: martie 17, 2011 in Stories
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It’s dark. The rain seems it won’t stop for the next hours and a lightning just lit up the entire room giving me the possibility to see what time it is. 3:18 am? And it’s cold. Too damn cold for this time of year and it seems my socks are nowhere to be found. The strong wind whistles forcing the branches to brake. I’m trying to focus to fall back asleep but nothing works. No magic sheep, no Sandman, not even staring still at one point. Twirling from side to side will definitely not do the trick.

It’s a half past 4. Maybe if I think of the things I have to do when I wake up, it will help. IF! I can fall back asleep, wake up in time, not to be late for work. Who wants to start his morning with his boss yelling at him and besides that, I haven’t even got the time to get myself a decent coffee. Oh, sweet tasty warm mouthwatering cup of coffee! You make my day. If it wasn’t for you, I would probably kill my assistant with the stapler every time she makes that stupid face when I enter or leave my office. At least this one combs her hair and has a decent smile. Otherwise I would have fired her already.

4:51. Maybe, but only maybe if I do not fall asleep I will finally have the time to start working out. A few push-ups, maybe a little bit of jogging, a healthy breakfast and that’s the way to start your morning. I yawn. Thinking about this was a little stressful for my brain. I yawn again. I didn’t even notice that the wind stopped. Even the rain I can’t seem to hear anymore hitting the glass. I get out of bed, walk slowly to the window and open it. I might regret it later because it’s warm inside and I’m wearing only a T-shirt and short pants and for no reason I still can’t find my socks. It’s like the earth swallowed them and that’s the only logical explanation I could have find for now. The hazy street light offers a stark picture of the park in front of my block that turned into a small swamp filled with broken branches, plastic bags, newspapers and leftovers from the trash can nearby. The air is wet and if I put my hand outside I can feel the moisture. I take a deep breath of fresh air and I imagine myself living in the year 1812. Let’s say France. Back then, if the police patrol would have seen you awake at this hour, you could have been arrested.

I close the window quickly and I jump back into my bed, under the blanket, all shivering. I love the smell of wet dust in the air after a long rain. It brings me back so many memories from my childhood when I was spending all my holidays with my grandparents in a small cottage. I remember how I was playing outside every time it was raining and my grandma always used to….

8:00 am. The alarm wakes me up. The sun is up in the sky and I’m ready to start a brand new day, quite similar to the others though. As long as the sun is up, I am an accountant. When the night falls, I can be whatever I imagine myself to be.

…. to be continued.


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