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Posted: septembrie 22, 2009 in D'ale mele, Muzica

„daca as muri, v-ati mai aminti de mine?” am fost intrebata.. bine, raspunsul a fost prompt si rapid, fara a gandi prea mult. dar apoi m-am gandit eu mai bine asa.. chiar, daca as muri, cine si-ar mai aminti de mine? sau nu cine.. intrebarea predominanta in capatana mea ar fi mai mult „de ce si-ar mai aminti careva de mine?” .. n-am facut ceva sa merite o atentie sporita, nu am facut nimic iesit din comun, nu am fost cu nimic mai speciala decat restul, nu am fost in stare sa sochez. sa surprind cu nimic sau sa transform viata cuiva.. n-am candidat la presedentie, n-am implinit 30 de ani, nu mi-am facut credit la banca pt a imi achizitiona o masinuta de colectie.. nu am jucat la bursa, nu am facut farse stupide, n-am mancat tânspe mii de feluri noi de mancare, nu am invatat sa fac tot ce am facut pana acum, mult mai bine .. nu pot sa crosetez, nu am facut nicio descoperire monumentala sau sa inventez vreo chestie cretina si total nefolositoare.. nu am fost langa anumite persoane atunci cand a trebuit.. am ignorat multe aspecte.. nu am facut tot ce imi dicteaza inima.. nu mi-am terminat serialul de vizionat , care nu este Tanar si Nelinistit; nu l-am despartit pe Johnny Depp de Vanessa Paradis :)), nu mi-am platit datoriile, nu am zis tot ce am avut de zis, nu am tinut minte.. nu am vrut .. nu mi-am dorit atat de tare .. nu vreau.. nu pot ..

I wish i was special..


in the meanwhile..

Posted: octombrie 7, 2008 in D'ale mele
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i had  some ideas to put them down.. of course, i forgot them :))

now, i should learn because i have an important test tomorrow and i should take a bath too, because i might be not let to take the test if i don’t smell properly :)). i was just kiddin’, aim nat zeat ei sconc!

speaking about learning.. i never learn! on my way to conquer the precious world, somehow i fell .. really bad.. so many times.. i knocked my head and i did so many mistakes but i never learned. i guess those words „practice makes it better” were true. i guess i shall change my standards and start developing new ideas about my „trip” through life : falling made me stronger and somehow, i will be able in the future not to cry like a baby when i fall again. I’m not letting anybody anymore to take me down on a road I’ve never chosen from the beginning. i know i can’t change myself, i can’t be different than who i am and there are people in this world who can mock me, but you’ll never see me down again, i tell you.

you selfish bitches will be punished, not by me , but fate will strike you bad. i will never revenge because i consider that a stupid selfish way to get back at one person who did something bad or maybe didn’t . i feel sorry for you suckers-that-you-are, i pity you and guess what? i don’t give a fuck about you! you people that were born in this life, try to learn that in life there are only TWO possibilities : one is winning and the second is losing .. and I’m sorry if i am the person who let’s you know that you can’t always win, you assholes. if you don’t agree with this rules, then fuck off and get away from this planet as fast as you can. there’s no room for stupid people and we don’t need you. the world is full of copys of you. don’t you think that you are the ones who make the differences because there are no differences : we are all humans and we came out from the same hole and our purpose is always the same.. stop bullshitting about how special you are and we are only suckers that we let ourselves ruled by others.

i could write so much more and i could demonstrate how defaulted you are. on this planet, the „special” people are treated like retarded people : they gather all of you in your own place, called „at loony’s” (n.r : la nebuni). just go there and let the others be just others, not special others.

the reason i wrote the whole shitty thing? because i don’t consider myself a special person, I’m rather quite a normal person pissed off by noobs like you.

i hope that someday , somebody will hit you in the head with a heavy object and maybe like that you’ll change the perspectives about „life” and you’ll start to see things at a higher resolution and maybe it will switch you from non color to colorful too.

now, me goes study..